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Become our partner

Hi First of all, we would like to sincerely thank you for having interests in our product. We hope you will also be part of the Crushtee story one day.

If you have talents at selling stuff and own valuable ideas of resin products, but lack of funds and expertise pursuit your dream, from inventory, infrastructure to time and skills, we are willing to help you visualize your ideas.

All you just need to do is handing in your idea and we can have further discussion. At Crushtee , we have experiences of producing and distributing high-quality resin product, such as keyboard, lamb or paperweights.

Final products need to go through multiple steps of quality testing and be carefully packaged before being ready for delivery. Please keep in mind that we ensure the confidentiality and information of product by strict policies and procedures, under Crushtee board and multiple shareholders.


If you have any fantastic ideas, don’t hesitate to be contact us via email: